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I am a Spanish-American cinematographer and documentary filmmaker based in Brooklyn, New York. Currently, I am editing a documentary film about an indigenous Guatemalan Chuj-Mayan family on a journey across Mexico to liberate their niece, Juanita, who was illegally detained in Reynosa, MX for over seven years after being coerced into signing a false confession in a language she didn't speak. 

My most recent documentary feature as director of photography, The Art of Making It (2021), won the SXSW 2022 Audience Award in the Festival Favorites category. I enjoy documenting and collaborating with artists and regularly DP for Art21.


The last doc short I filmed and directed, Esquilas en la montaña / Bells in the Mountains (2017), was officially selected for the New Orleans Film Festival and the San Francisco Documentary Festival. This film followed two hundred cows, from my Spanish cousins' hometown of Ulle, making the three-day journey up the foothills of the Pyrenees mountains for the start of summer.

I got my start in film while studying at Vanderbilt University, in Nashville, TN where I graduated magna cum laude in 2013 with a BA in Anthropology and in Film. Here in Nashville I made my first videos, supporting workers' rights organizing and activist and social justice campaigns, like the Fight for $15 Movement. 


When I'm not behind the camera, you might find me surfing the coast of NY and NJ or wherever there are good waves, generally playing in the great outdoors, or planning themed parties and playing games with friends.

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